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Running Steady, Looking Ahead


The month of June was just okay for Kyle. He had some decent runs despite struggling off and on with a fuel gremlin: 6th in Lebanon with the WOW, 4th in Springfield with the ASCS, and 4th in California, MO. This trend continued into July with engine issues at Oklahoma City, but then a decent run the next night at Lawton. Kyle was looking good running in the top 5 and making a pass for 4th when the car he was passing slipped and came down, hitting his front tire, causing it to go flat, and ending a good night. After that weekend, Kyle took the car down to Wells Racing in Dallas, Texas to run the car on their chassis dyno where they finally found our fuel problem. We are still kicking ourselves for not having done this much sooner.

With the car running better, we went to the Creek County ASCS race, coming home 9th. Kyle was running much faster than that making several passes, but with a caution just before the final lap, he was forced to drop back for the restart. The next night we decided to go to California, MO to run with the WOW. Kyle won his heat race and led the first 17 laps of the A main, even with several cautions each time that gave competition a shot at Kyle. Then, after a caution and restart during lap 17, the second place car of Randy Martin made a bonsai slide job pushing Kyle up to the wall, which knocked Kyle’s right-front tire off the bead.

Again Kyle is running strong and looking very competitive, he just needs to have some luck. We are looking forward to the remaining ASCS Sooner races along with the upcoming ASCS national events at Lake Ozark and Wheatland.