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7/26/2023 at Benton Speedway - Benton, MO

410 Sprints - Winged: All Star Circuit of Champions

Kyle Bellm

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 1698.22414DNF
Heat 325th
Qualifying 1Time: 13.88219th

410 Sprints - Winged

A Feature

30 laps | 00:53:04.223Presented by Tezos
14Derek HagarMarion, AR44
25Corey DayClovis, CA14
31Zeb WiseAngola, IN26
42Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA45
56Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA55
63Cole MacedoLemoore, CA21T
77Joe B. MillerMillersville, MO51B
820Zach DaumPocahontas, IL31
916J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA97
1010Cody MaroskeGold Coast, QLD101
1117Tanner HolmesJacksonville, OR18T
1212Conner MorrellBradenton, FL28M
1313Chris WindomCanton, IL4
1418Chase HowardNesbit, MS13
1515Sye LynchCowansville, PA29
1623Ayden GatewoodCaruthersville, MO37
1719Jason KeithFredericktown, MO28
1822Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO19
1911Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA7BC
2024Mario ClouserChatham, IL6
21 (DNF)21Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
22 (DNF)8Parker Price MillerKokomo, IN16TH
23 (DNF)14Kyle BellmNixa, MO50K
24 (DNF)9Jamie VealWarrnambool, VIC17AU

B Feature

8 laps | 00:05:18.475Presented by Classic Ink USA
11Jason KeithFredericktown, MO28
22Zach DaumPocahontas, IL31
33Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
44Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO19
55Ayden GatewoodCaruthersville, MO37
67Mario ClouserChatham, IL6
79Kevin NewtonTerre Haute, IN16THH
86Brad CooksonMorley, MO88
DNS-Brian BellArlington, TN23B


6 laps | 00:03:16.679Presented by Elliott's Custom Trailers and Carts
11Zeb WiseAngola, IN26
22Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA45
33Cole MacedoLemoore, CA21T
45Derek HagarMarion, AR44
56Corey DayClovis, CA14
64Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA55

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:09:47Presented by Hunt Brothers Pizza
13Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA55
22Joe B. MillerMillersville, MO51B
31Jamie VealWarrnambool, VIC17AU
46Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA7BC
57Sye LynchCowansville, PA29
64Corey DayClovis, CA14
75Zach DaumPocahontas, IL31
89Ayden GatewoodCaruthersville, MO37
98Mario ClouserChatham, IL6

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:07:56Presented by CSI Shocks
11Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA45
24Derek HagarMarion, AR44
32Cody MaroskeGold Coast, QLD101
46Conner MorrellBradenton, FL28M
57J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA97
65Tanner HolmesJacksonville, OR18T
78Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO19
83Jason KeithFredericktown, MO28
99Kevin NewtonTerre Haute, IN16THH

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:02:17Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
11Zeb WiseAngola, IN26
23Parker Price MillerKokomo, IN16TH
34Cole MacedoLemoore, CA21T
46Chris WindomCanton, IL4
52Kyle BellmNixa, MO50K
65Chase HowardNesbit, MS13
77Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
89Brad CooksonMorley, MO88
9 (DNF)8Brian BellArlington, TN23B


00:00:34Presented by Hercules Tire
12Corey DayClovis, CA1413.418
23Derek HagarMarion, AR4413.480
39Cole MacedoLemoore, CA21T13.580
410Jamie VealWarrnambool, VIC17AU13.593
57Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA4513.776
68Zeb WiseAngola, IN2613.786
74Joe B. MillerMillersville, MO51B13.829
85Cody MaroskeGold Coast, QLD10113.873
91Kyle BellmNixa, MO50K13.882
1016Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA5514.031
116Jason KeithFredericktown, MO2814.032
1213Parker Price MillerKokomo, IN16TH14.035
1322Zach DaumPocahontas, IL3114.052
1411Tanner HolmesJacksonville, OR18T14.100
1518Chase HowardNesbit, MS1314.196
1615Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA7BC14.211
1721Conner MorrellBradenton, FL28M14.335
1823Chris WindomCanton, IL414.362
1925Sye LynchCowansville, PA2914.363
2024J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA9714.390
2120Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW2014.521
2214Mario ClouserChatham, IL614.542
2319Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO1914.616
2427Brian BellArlington, TN23B14.729
2526Ayden GatewoodCaruthersville, MO3714.875
2612Kevin NewtonTerre Haute, IN16THH14.913
2717Brad CooksonMorley, MO8815.463